Re: iTunes Navigation With Windows 7

Thom Spittle

It really depends on the version of iTunes that you are running.

If you use the keystroke control F, it will land you in the search box. Type what you want and press shift enter, and it will search on the iTunes store.



If you use the keystroke control f, it will land you in the find box. I tabbed 8 times and landed on the store, and just press enter.

If you want to purchase something other than music, you can press control and the number line 1 through 9 to find other options.

For example control 7 is the apps shortcut. Tab just a few times and you will hear store.

There also books, TV shows, tones, iTunes, U.


I made a podcast for iTunes 12 when it just came out. The newer version is much harder to navigate, but you can find that podcast on the Freedom Scientific website. Let me know if I can help any further.






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Subject: [TechTalk] iTunes Navigation With Windows 7


Hi All,

Does anyone have any tips for navigating iTunes on a Windows 7 computer with Jaws?!
I'm having a hell of a time trying to get to the Apps Store whenever I open
iTunes.  Finding that TreeView is a challenge to say the least!  Thanks
Take care.
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