Re: correct name of the google program that gives you google voice on the IPhone

Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

If you mean one of the apps that lets you manage your Google voice from the IPhone, I personally like GV Mobile+. There are one or two small areas in the app that could be fixed for Voiceover, but they do not take away from it's accessibility.
Its been a while since I needed to use Google Voice, so things may have changed in the app now, but it was a real treat to use when I last used it a year or so ago.
Take care.

On 9/22/2015 2:36 PM, Bill Koppelmann wrote:
I have the impression that the google app allows for more flexibility in some ways where the IPhone is concerned for accessing some programs, can someone tell me what the app is called and let me know some of the options that you have with this app?
Bill K.

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