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I agree with Gene. I think it would be better to just try to take
notes efficiently.


On 9/22/15, Gene <> wrote:
Are you saying you record an entire lecture by a professor or teacher? If
so, there are two considerations:
Will Google Voice be able to properly recognize what is being spoken if the
lecture is, as I expect, of rather poor quality with room ambience? Second,
do you record the entire lecture? Even if Google Voice can convert it to
text, it would be very inefficient to have each entire lecture transcribed
as a text file, then read the whole thing, and get the information desired.
I suggest that if my understanding is correct about what you want to do,
that is, transcribe an entire lecture and then look through it for what you
want to save as notes, that the list might serve you much better by
discussing ways to take notes efficiently.

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How would this work would be notes have to be playing the whole time

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On Sep 22, 2015, at 5:07 PM, Joseph Hudson <> wrote:

Hello, Google voice can do this. You can call yourself, started leaving
yourself a message and these notes will be transcribed right into your

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On Sep 22, 2015, at 4:05 PM, wrote:

Darn it, because I was going to see if Google voice would work to
transcribe my lecture notes, because I record them. Because it is hard for
me to keep up with the lecture and I have other
Problems making it harder for me to keep up with the lecture does anyone
know of any free transcription solutions that will preferably machine
transcribe my audio so all I have to do is edit it? Preferably I'd like it
to be freeh
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On Sep 22, 2015, at 6:55 AM, Norman <> wrote:

I've used google voice and still do.
However, i've intigrated my number into hangouts now so can't
specifically comment on the google voice site.
However, when i originally set it up it was marginal and i've heard it
had gotten worse at one point.
Don't know what current status is though.
I'm talking about the setup process. once set up it was usable.
I've never used the ios ap so can't comment on it's features but the
android ap worked fine. As for transcribing prerecorded files, not that i
know of...


On 9/21/2015 6:30 PM, wrote:
Has anyone had experience with Google voice? Have you had experience
using voicemail transcription? Is there a way you can upload a pre-recorded
file as a voicemail message to be transcribed by Google? Thanks a lot and
I'd love to hear from you

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