Re: burning a video file to disk with windows 8.1.


Do you want to burn the video file to a standard data disc or do you want to convert it to the DVD format to create a disc playable on standalone DVD players?  Technically even though the latter is also a data disc, there is still a difference.  And to confuse the issue even further, there are now many DVD players which will play video files burned to a standard data disc without the need to convert them to the DVD format.

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Subject: [TechTalk] burning a video file to disk with windows 8.1.

Hi all,

I have downloaded a video file from YouTube with free make. There is a picture. Now, how do I burn it to a disk? Do I need another program to-do it or can I use something on this computer? I am using windows 8.1 jaws 17 beta.

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