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there is a regular expression built in to the code of the Eloquence driver for NVDA that specifically keeps those codes from getting to Eloquence itself.

On 11/17/2016 9:37 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:

So why don't I have the issues with
Eloquence and NVDA if it is not specific to JAWS?

On 11/17/2016 6:32 AM, Carlos wrote:
Yep, old bugs in the Eloquence synthesizer which itself hasn't been updated in many years.  And Freedom Scientific should already be aware of them.
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No, it is actually not from NVDA or JAWS. It is, in fact, from Eloquence itself, and in the drivers for NVDA, there are regular expressions that block the strings from going through. Simply looking for strings isn't enough to block these crash codes. There are actually patterns to them, that need to be coded in through a regular expression.

On 11/16/2016 11:50 PM, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Hi Group,

I really hope Freedom Scientific comes up with a permanent solution.  I am using Eloquence with NVDA and the same strings that are crashing JAWS are not crashing NVDA with Eloquence.  This makes me believe that the crashes are caused by some kind of interface between JAWS and Eloquence--not Eloquence itself.

On 11/16/2016 8:36 PM, Brian Zolo wrote:

Good evening, listers.  Has anyone ben able to get the exact charater string that is crashing eloquence with jaws?  I’ve been advised by the fols at Freedom Scienttific that if we can send them the offending character string that they will take a look at it and work on fixing it.  I’m a firm believer in being part of the solution and not part of the problem so am willing to send in the character string that is causing the crash.  They (freedom scientific have fixed previous character strings that caused previous crashes of eloquence and was talking with bryan Carver director of technical support concerning a problem that I’ve been having at work as we transition to windows ten from windows 7 and mentioned to him that eloquence is being effected by new character strings and he then mentioned that if someone could send him the current character string causing the problem that they would take a look at it and develop a fix.  I believe that Bryan’s email address is bryanc@... but I will verify that and let the list know.  This is an opportunity to defeat this craziness so I’m willing to assist in this endeavor.  My eloquence has been crashed by this new string as well.  Thanks so much, have a great day!  BZ!         

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They Ask Me If I'm Happy; I say Yes.
They ask: "How Happy are You?"
I Say: "I'm as happy as a stow away chimpanzee on a banana boat!"

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