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Michael Mote

Mike, this used to come up on my computer all the time.  In my case, the program manager window was coming up because Windows was freezing up on me.  I determined that it was a memory issue, and that I didn’t have enough in my system to run all of the processes that I wanted to run.  You may want to consider stopping some of the processes, and the applications that start when the computer boots up.  Go into the Msconfig area, and look at what is starting up.  If you can disable some of these programs, it may help in performance.  Generally, I disable anything that says Manager or helper next to it.  You would be surprised as to how many things start up that are not necessary.  Also, you may consider stopping Windows from Indexing files.  This happens in the background, and makes it easier to search for things like messages in your email. 

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Hi All,


I was helping someone via Tandem earlier today, & it seemed like everytime you went somewhere on her computer the damn Program Manager window would get in the way.  She told me that most of the time when this window pops up that she can't get away / out of it, & has to reboot her computer.  Is there a setting in msconfig, Administrative Tools / Services, or anywhere else that can be changed to get rid of this pain in the ass window?  She's running Windows 7 & Jaws 16 / 17.  All input will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks much.

Take care.
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