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Pamela Dominguez

Oh, that's funny! She sounds like a trip. Pam.

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That will be right up my granddaughter's alley. She'll go on
the net and learn all about syrups. For Thanksgiving, she
brought a chocolate cake she baked and decorated it with a
map of the country, Turkey.

Bye for now,


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Cristóbal <> wrote:
Was thinking of buying a SodaStream and was wondering if
anyone’s used
it and if there are any issues for a blind person when
using it?

First get yourself a good kitchen funnel. Pouring those
syrups into those narrow bottles can be a little messy
What happens is the syrups come with a funny lid. You pour
the syrup into the lid of its bottle, then pour from the lid
into the soda stream bottle.
Walmart carries supplies for them, but honestly, you might
be etter off trying to make your own syrups. They have
gotten ridiculously expensive.
Another option is to use Mio water enhancers. They come in
little 2 or 3 ounce bottles. What they are is essence
flavorings that you add to bottled water. These are fruity
and delicious and a lot cheaper than Sodastream syrups.
Although making syrups can be fun, if you have time to
The CO2 cartridges are expensive, too. Something like sixty
dollars. Walmart used to have a deal where if you brought in
your old one you could exchange it for a new one at half
price, but I do not know if they still have this running.
You will have to call your customer service desk there and
There is another option: you can refill your CO2 cartridges
at some place like a dive shop or paintball shop. See this
Hope this helps a little.

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