Re: I; got free make to work, using VLC player.

Jim Rawls

Ok, but now another problem has occurred. After downloading free make, Pandora will not work on my computer. If I uninstall free make, Pandora works, so something in the free make download is keeping Pandora from working. What can I do to both keep Pandora working and free make also/? Jim


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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] I; got free make to work, using VLC player.


You can try that option, but I don't know if it will convert the video files to the DVD format or even if it does, what program it will use to do so.  For example, if it uses Media Player to convert/burn the files, you may not have video on the DVD since you obviously do not have the necessary codecs installed for Media Player to even view the video portion.  As I said, for this type of conversion you are better off using a third-party tool like AVStoDVD.

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Subject: [TechTalk] I; got free make to work, using VLC player.


Now, part two of my dilemma. How to burn this file to disk. In my auto play menu here on my W8.1 computer, I have a choice that says burn video files to disk using windows explorer. So how would one do that? I am using Wu8.1 jaws 17 beta VLC player and a file downloaded using free make. Thanks Carlos for your help. Jim

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