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Rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

hi gene, we got the ribbons. but not the windows male.

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On 04/12/2016 09:17 PM, Gene wrote:
I'm sending the link for a third time. Using the link I sent the second
time may cause the file to open in Notepad rather than downloading. I'm
not sure if that might happen but to prevent the possibility, I'm
sending a different version of the link.
This version of the link will prevent that possibility.
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I'm not sure why that is. Evidently, the entire link wasn't sent in my
message, although it is correctly shown on the clipboard. Here is the
message again with what should be the correct link.
If something like this happens, please describe the problem. When I
checked before, I didn't notice that some of the link was missing. I
therefore thought that you had not seen it correctly, although it was
there. Now that you pointed out just what the problem was, I saw it.

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all I am seeing qwith jaws is

Windows Live Mail old full setup not stub.exe?dl=1
there is no actual address

On 12/4/2016 12:41 PM, Sylvia wrote:
Carlos, would you like me to upload the file to dropbox and then post
the link here?
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It may be a while since I will have to figure out what I can use for
temporary uploads now that ShareByLink has become useless. I don't
want to clutter up Rob's server with too many large files.

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2009 version.

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Are you looking for the 2012 version with ribbons or the 2009
version with menus?

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Does anyone have a workable version of windos live mail.

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