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Angelo Sonnesso

He could get a copy of Open Office, and his problem is solved.
Oh and it's free, and works just as well as MS Office, has all of the same
type programs, and is accessible.

73 N2DYN Angelo

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Hi all,

You might be able to download something from the Internet to do this, but
for Heaven's sake, where is the school in all this? He can't operate with
Word2003 on Win10, they're incompatible! Good God, can't the school come up
with a measly $200.00 to get him what he needs?

You could probably convert the thing. Take the file, open it up, then, do a
save-as and save it in .doc format.

the kid can't do his work. He doesn't have the correct tools. ? this is
an ADA matter. ? This is the time to badger the office for
Students with Disabilities. ? Maybe you as the teacher need to put
some pressure on in the right places. ? This is an ADA violation! If he
can't do his work with the tools he has, then they need to be
upgraded. If the school won't pay, turn to rehab. If they won't pay,
turn to Lions or Rotary or whatever. Get the kid what he needs to be
concurrent with modern technology.

Ann P.

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