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heather albright

Thank you for the converters I will install them for him. He is not in school, he is an older man in his sixtys and he does not qualify for services as he is not considered working age! So he can not get blindness services. Thank you for the file converters. Hopefully it will allow him to read his SSI letters! Heather


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From: Gene
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] file converters


There are converters that will allow old versions of Microsoft Word to read the newer docx Word format.  You have to install the converter.  You can download the converter from Microsoft but here is my Dropbox link for convenience.



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Subject: [TechTalk] file converters


Hello, I am trying to help one of my students who has msword 2003.  His equipment is out of date. I was trying to help him read his SSI letter but, it keeps asking him for a converter to be able to read his letter!However, the disk saids it works with 2003! I think he just got 10 a few weeks agoe and he is still using word 2003. So is there away for him to read his letter? Thanks, Heather


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