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I am runbing the ethernet

cable from my phone to the ethernet card on my computer
is there something spasific that I have to set up when using this method?

On 12/6/2016 8:23 PM, Angelo Sonnesso wrote:
Have you tried using an Ethernet adapter for your phone?
It may require an OTG adapter, but they do have dongles out there for this purpose.

73 N2DYN Angelo

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I have been trying fore the last couple of days to get my sip phone adapter set up using my ethernet on my computer my internet is wifi it is t mobile1 plan I tried bridging the connections I have also tried internet connection sharing with no luck.
the sipura 3000 does have a web based configuration how ever I can't get the adapter to talk to the ethernet jack on my computer wich is using the wifi adapter.
fore the internet.
I don't have the money to get a wireless ethernet bridge can any one suggest things to try? because I am all out of options.

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