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When my gmail account was working, I found that I had to place my email address in the "bcc" field in order to get a copy. That was true of most of the people I know with a gmail account.

However, now after having an account for over a year I can no longer retrieve my pop mail from. I haven't been able to determine why either. I am using Eudora for a mail client.


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Hello Carlos,
But, that raises another point. How can I tell if someone like a teacher got my email, which is a private email? I say that I sent it, but some then say they have not got it.

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The issue is not restricted to one specific provider. I have experienced
this problem with all providers at one point or another. In general there
is really nothing that can be done unless it is something obvious wrong with
a specific mail server. It should be an infrequent problem, but it is a
possibility to be aware of. It is one of those issues inherent to dealing
with any type of technology. There are many things which can go wrong
during the Email sending/receiving process and not all of them have
immediately obvious causes.

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