Re: what would cause windows 7 to make my ftp server not receive login information?

ratshtron <northstar1950@...>

well, wasn't my anti-virus software either. i believe my windows 7 has gotten corupted somehow.

Legend has it that on Tuesday 9/22/2015 07:40 PM, Ron Canazzi said:
Hello Rashtron,

I used to run an old FTP server a while back. The only other possibility I can think of that Carlos and others haven't mentioned is the anti virus or anti malware program you are running. Could that have updated in the past few weeks and perhaps is somehow blocking the FTP server? Maybe someone else can comment on this. If this is true, you would have to dig around in these programs to find out if some port or ports are being blocked or perhaps some elements of the FTP server are being blocked.

On 9/22/2015 6:36 PM, ratshtron wrote:
oddly enough, as i said, the server was working just fine and nothing was changed at all as far as i know. i do have ports 20 and 21 forwarded to the local ip address of my computer and i have assigned an ip address so it doesn't change. going to see if the ftp server will work on my laptop and if it does i will probably have to reinstall windows 7 on to this system to correct the problem. thanks for your suggestions though.

Legend has it that on Tuesday 9/22/2015 05:05 PM, Carlos said:
A few things to consider. Are you behind a router? And if so, have you configured your machine to use a static IP address? Also, are the correct ports forwarded in your router? If the server is configured to use passive mode, then you will need to forward port 21 and another small range of ports, one per the total number of users you want to allow to connect to the server. Passive mode is recommended and the range of ports should generally not be fewer than about 50. For example, 50000 to 50050. If you have the server configured to work in active mode, then you will have to forward ports 20 and 21. Or port 990 instead of 21 in both cases if your server is configured for secure FTP over SSL/TLS. I understand that some of the above information may be obvious if you already know how to set up an FTP server, but there's only so much I can suggest since I don't know in actuality how much of this you're familiar with.
Also, you said it was previously working and I have no way of knowing what changes you may have made to your system a couple of weeks ago.
Did you add a new router or change routers for example? If you need help either configuring a static IP address or forwarding ports with your specific model, you should visit
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Carlos, this is a very strange problem and it just started about two weeks ago. i have an ftp server running on my computer and it was working just fine till about two weeks ago. i was running filezilla ftp server and thought that something got messed up in the configuration so i removed it and reinstalled with same problem happening. i even switched back to slimftp ftp server and it shows to be running but when i try to log on, i get the 530 error incorrect login information and the log doesn't register that i even accessed the server. i have done a port check with and the service is seen on port 21. i am thinking that something has gotten changed in my windows 7 32bit configuration but cannot figure out what. would have any ideas? thanks.

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