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Also remember that when you're connected to the VPN, keep an eye out on what types of traffic you send through it, most especially in using services like your bank, etc. Before my wife moved here to the states, she was using a similar service to bypass restrictions placed on the Canadian version of netflix, to get access to stuff that we had here on her phone. Even on the documentation pages for the free service, it warned against keeping the VPN enabled while making things like bank transactions.

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Well, while I have no mainstream yet, it'll be quicker than the apex loading web pages.

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Also, it is worth noting that proxy servers and VPNs will add latency to
your connection and may slow down your browsing.
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MMM, not necessarily. In theory such services make you anonymous, but
they may be legally required to release information under certain
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This raises a question. If I'm on a unique
IP address, does this mean I can do whatever, and I will not be caught?
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Hi All,

Below is an app I came across that might benefit some of you.

Fact of the day:

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Things to ponder:

Why is an Alarm Clock Going "off" when It Actually Turns on?

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Besides encrypting your data for security, this app also allows you to
the Web anonymously. It changes your IP address so that your online
is anonymous and internet activity is hidden. With this, you can gain
to geo restricted services such as Netflix that limits its availability
some countries only.

Better still, this app does not impose irritating ads on the web pages
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This is how Betternet works for free with no ads but covers its costs
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You can install Betternet to your Android or iOS mobile devices from the
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Betternet is not the only VPN service as there're plenty of them in the
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August 29 2015

Take care.
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