another possible shut down for BARD see message for details

Christina Stolze

I know that many blind consumers are enjoying the BARD service after some computer maintenance at the Library of Congress crippled the system. The latest news is still reporting that the Senate is trying to avert a government shutdown. If the shutdown occurs, it would happen on October 1. If this does happen, it means that the BARD system will likely be down again, possibly for the duration of the shutdown.

Therefore, BARD consumers should think about preparing for this by downloading extra content if the possibility of a government shutdown looks to be imminent. There is technically no limit as to how many books and magazines can be downloaded and they will not expire or be deleted if BARD should go offline. This would not affect other specialized libraries such as Bookshare and Learning Ally. Therefore, if it looks like we might have to deal with yet another shutdown, consumers should start filling up their computers, thumb drives and their portable devices with tons of books.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”.

Helen Keller

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