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It's an internet service provider, as far as I know.

On 9/23/2015 9:42 PM, Angelo DeMarsico wrote:
What is : ?

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I actually created a website where I had this idea where blind people could submit blogs and even upload videos of them demonstrating something to youtube; however, the idea was a bust. Nobody was interested! Lmao.
I just created it two weeks ago or so using wordpress.
Then again, I didn't ask that much which is why it didn't go no where. Lol.

Kimsan Song

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Good luck with your blog! We need more blind bloggers.

VictorOn 9/23/15, Shirley Healy <> wrote:
So I have started a blog. I am going to write about my life, as a
blind person, who is living in ireland. Please come on over and follow
me and subscribe to recieve new posts via email!
Hope to see you there!

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