Re: apple tv and HDMI?

goshawk on horseback

2 possible suggestions for you.
1, see if your tv remote has a button on it that will let you page through
the different inputs. most do, but some tv sets, especially those with a lot
of different inputs, don't.
alternatively, look for an HDMI switch box, so that you just have to use the
one HDMI port on the tv. if you get a good one, it should have a remote with
a button for each input, making selecting the right one much easier.
hope this helps.


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hi guys, Got my apple tv today. Haven't been able to have a play with it
as yet.
I was in the house on my own, when it arrived, and found it very
difficult to select the hdmi source, on my television.
This is going to be a real pain, as I will need someone in the house
everytime I want to use the apple tv.
The HDMI source is hidden away in the television's settings.
Would be great if someone could suggest another way of running the apple
tv, Billy

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