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Nah, as I said before, it doesn't appear that it places the cursor, or whatever it is that moves about when you're pressing tab, to the same location every time you open a new message. As an example, when I opened up this last message from you and pressed shift+tab, it took me to a terms of service link. From here, yes, I can press tab once to get to the from header, but, It doesn't always place me in the same position, especially once I close and re-open the client later on to check my messages. this isn't something new though, not in any of the previous versions of NVDA or tb at least.

On 8/31/2015 3:31 PM, Gene wrote:
My later message should allow you to get to the from line very easily.  I don't know why you are seeng the send message as unavailable. 
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Just went to check, and no, that doesn't work here inside tb for me. Although it does announce the from header as a sub-menu, pressing any of the arrows, or space doesn't appear to open it. Pressing the applications key on this sub-menu does bring up the menu as you describe, however, the portion of that menu that contains the email address, NVDA announces it as unavailable. Two ways I can see from this menu to grab the address would be to still use NVDA's mark and copy feature from flat review, or, there's another option a few down that says, copy email address. I'm guessing that this would copy it directly to the clipboard. I'm honestly not sure which one ends up being faster, but, I'll add that for me at least, I've found more frustrations in actually getting to where the headers begin. I'd at first thought that if you use control end to jump to the end of the message, and then press tab, it should land you on the beginning of the headers, but, this doesn't always work here. More often than not, I end up having to press tab a few times, depending on the length of the message, to actually reach the from header to copy the address.
On 8/31/2015 12:09 PM, Gene wrote:
I don't use Thunderbird but I have it on my machine so I can try to see how things are done.  I hate to tell you, but you have been doing things the hard way. 
Open the message, shift tab to the from field, and then open the context menu.  Up or down arrow, I think up arrowing is faster but I didn't check carefully, and you will get to an item that says something like send a message to.  but instead of just stopping on that item, it would be a good idea to go through the entire menu and see what options, in addition to the send message option, are available.  When you are working with something and you can't see an easy way to do something, or even if you can see an easy way, opening the context menu and looking around is a good idea.  I'm speaking in general, not just Thunderbird. 
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Are you referring to a laptop layout command when you discuss the NVDA shift down arrow command?  I'm not sure what that command would be on the desktop layout.  I suspect the desktop command is insert numpad down arrow.

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It's pretty much the same in tb, just a few things of note to keep in mind, at least with NVDA. NVDA has always had some kind of strange issue with keeping focus within those areas inside the message headers, so, using the normal commands to move about through the field to copy them may not work or give you response as expected. Rather, I find it easier to use NVDA's ability to copy the text from flat review and then the NVDA command to place that in the clipboard. For me, when I tab to the field that contains the sender's address, it has it displayed as a menu, so I have to first enter that object using the NVDA+shift down arrow command. From here. I can set the start of where I wish to copy with NVDA+f9, use flat review to move to the end of the address and NVDA+f10 to copy it to the clipboard.
Hope this helps, and tc.
On 8/31/2015 7:58 AM, Gene wrote:
Considering how many times over the years, I see blind people on different lists not know how to respond privately to someone, here are instructions that will work on some, perhaps many, e-mail programs. 
Be on the message in the message list.
Open the message properties with alt enter, that is, hold alt and press enter. 
Issue the command control tab.
Try down arrowing.  If you can't down arrow, tab once.  Now try down arrowing again.  If you have to tab once, do that every time you follow this procedure before down arrowing. 
Now start down arrowing through the message headers.
There will be a lot of information but you will find a line that says from and then gives the address of the sender.
Move to the start of the address.
Then use the command shift end to select it.
Copy it to the clipboard. 
Close properties with escape.
Then start a new message and paste the address into the clipboard. 
Some e-mail lists won't display the original sender's address in the properties or anywhere else but many lists do. 
It would be a good idea if people would send instructions about how to reply privately with different e-mail programs.  I know the method I gave works in Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and, presumably Windows Mail.  I don't know if it works in Word or Thunderbird. 

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