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Lisa Belville

Hi. I also have a StandScan and it makes getting a scan on the first try very easy. It's a box that's enclosed on the back and sides with the top part of the box complete except for a small hole on top. This hole can be lined up with your phone's back facing camera so that the paper is in focus. The LED lights are bright, but they are attached to all three sides of the inside of the box so you don't need to look directly at them. You don't have to use them, but it makes it easy to know whether or not enough light is present to get a good scan.

I've used it with the KNFB reader and with Text Grabber. I've found that what one app doesn't scan well, the other one does.

I use both apps free hand, but if I'm in a hurry or if I need accuracy and speed, I'll use the StandScan.

Lisa Belville
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Have you noticed a significant difference?


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I use the Stand Scan. It's very fold down into the size of a sheet of paper and weighs next to nothing. It also has lights inside the box in case you need light for better OCR. I bought it from:


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I am looking for a stand which will improve the use of the KNFB reader on a smart phone. I’m hoping people will tell me what they have used, what they like or don’t like, and where I can get the stand if you really like it.

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