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Thank you I will find out more info as I speak and write both languages frequently

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Yes, I would like to find more work like this, too that's not a scam.

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It would be a good job for me too, but I don't speak Spanish either. I'd
like to see work from home jobs made available to more of us blind folks.


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this would be the perfict job fore me except I don't speak spanish
is there any simular jobs that you offer that is work from home?

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Hello all,
Sorry for the off topic,
We are looking for candidates for customer services positions. These jobs
are going to be working from home, so you don’t need to go anywhere to
work. You can stay at home and at the same time working. These positions
require that the candidate knows how to use computers, and speak/write
Below is the job description. If anybody is interested, please send me an
email to:
Thanks all,
Job Summary
This position is responsible for Receiving, processing and responding to
inbound calls, written letters and emails originated by guests, vendors,
Corporate & Franchise restaurants, media outlets and other entities. On
behalf of Denny’s Corporate, Customer Service Associates must provide
accurate information regarding corporate processes and procedures. If
necessary, routes inquiries/issues to the appropriate person and or
department. Ensures all calls regarding restaurant experiences are
quickly addressed, analyzed and resolved.
Essential Functions (Duties and Responsibilities)
· Responsible for meeting and exceeding Call Center metrics and service
expectations when responding to those who make contact with the Denny’s
Corporate Customer Service department and the Executive Office (CEO
Promise) phone and email queues.
· Answers, researches and resolves inquiries, complaints received
regarding service failures experienced at Denny’s restaurants,
fulfillment requests, credit/gift card issues, service compliments,
general suggestions and comments.
· Acts as Corporate Liaison between guests and various departments
within to ensure third party questions and or problem are properly
· Identifies and communicates systemic and recurring service issues to
departmental, Operations and Training Leaders.
· Administers and documents customer satisfaction surveys via phone
conversations for those guests inside of targeted areas of Denny’s
· Asks probing questions to gain clarity and use active listening skills
to ensure the guest’s perspective about the issue(s) are identified and
recorded so that the root cause can be determined and addressed by field
· Assists restaurant managers in correctly handling service related
issues, including gift card redemption and issuance problems.
· Contacts Franchise Owners, Restaurant Management, Corporate and
Franchise Leaders as necessary to gain additional insight and or to
provide additional information regarding guest incidents.
· Requests additional follow-up from above leaders as necessary when
either a guest requests this specific contact and or he/she is not
completely satisfied with the resolution provided by the Customer Service
· Provides and processes guests compensation (coupons, paper checks &
gift cards) to ensure that all service issues are resolved and as an
attempt to apologize for the situation and regain the guest’s patronage
in the future.
· Provides guests with a personalized communication in the format of a
handwritten card or experience specific email. This communication
apologizes, offers resolution, outlines the steps that have been taken to
address the issue at the restaurant level and thanks the guests for
making Denny’s Corporate aware.
· Accurately and thoroughly documents all exchanges of communication and
information. Such documentation is frequently requested and used by
Denny’s Legal Department.
· Follows up and follows through on open call summaries, requests,
promises, and questions that have not been answered to provide callers
with a resolution in a timely manner.
· Maintains acceptable workloads and meet or exceed departmental metrics
as outlined by the leadership team.
· Other duties as assigned.

Education & Experience Requirements
· High school diploma or equivalent. Some college preferred.
· 1-3 years of recent experience in a Customer Service support role
(Call Center experience preferred). Computer experience is required
along with an acceptable WPM of at least 30.
Required Knowledge and Skills
· Must be Bilingual in English and Spanish (written and spoken)
· Must have a passion for customer service excellence and have the
desire and drive to serve as the customer’s advocate.
· Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
· Must be able to take and process 60- 80 calls and 20-30 emails per
· Works independently and adjusts to changing priorities and demands
associated with a changing environment.
· Proven analytical and problem solving skills.
· Must be detailed oriented and have the ability to work well under
· Must have the ability to listen to internal and external customers and
communicate to all levels of the organization (Managers, Directors, SVP’s,
· Self-motivated and demonstrates positive interpersonal skills.

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