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Angelo Sonnesso

You can also try 7zip.



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Hi Again Howard,


Here's another set of  steps I found for XP:

You don't use 7Zip to open the, .RAR file.  You use it to extract the stuff that is inside the., .RAR file.  Try the steps below.

1. Highlight but, do not open, the .RAR file that you are wanting to extract the files from.

2. Press your applications / context menu key.

3. Arrow down to 7Zip and press enter.

4. With 7Zip open, arrow up or down through the options & press enter on the option of choice.  You might also be able to access the 7Zip options by pressing Alt + F, for the file menu and arrowing down through this list.  I usually use the, extract here, option.

5. Tab through the dialog boxes & press the spacebar / enter keys accordingly.  I can't be more explanatory about the use of 7Zip because I don't have a, .RAR file to play with.


These steps are for XP users.  I don't know how they will work with Vista or Windows7.Take care.
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Subject: [TechTalk] unpacking a rar file


Trying to open a .rar file in windows xp.  By default, it opens with 7zip.
I can't figure out how to tell 7zip to go ahead and unpack the file.  Help,

Thanks in advance.


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