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Oops, was talking about the latest innovations to Narrator. Sorry.

On 18 Dec 2016, at 21:30, Gene <> wrote:

I wouldn't be so quick to talk about too little too late when Microsoft was working with screen-reader vendors to make applications accessible fifteen or twenty years before Apple did anything at all.

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Sounds good, but too little too late. But, better late than never. My mac, like any other mac, has been doing this since OS X 10.4 Tiger over eleven years ago. Glad Microsoft are ffinally doing this, but, like I said, too little too late. Will be interesting to watch its progress.
On 17 Dec 2016, at 06:49, Matt <> wrote:

Well looks like Narrator is really heading toward being a full fledge screen reader. They also are going to have in there next major windows update make it where you have speech from beginning to end installing windows. See Blind Bargains podcast on this. Enjoy!

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