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Well yes I see either getting a much less PC and replacing it every 2 or 3 years or getting one spec out mostly and not have to worry usually for about a decade. Either way it comes out about the same somewhere around 150 to 200 a year . my 2 gran laptop if it goes 10 years that is 200 bucks a year. If I bought a 600 buck PC and it last 3 years it is about the same price per year.


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I would rather speck out my machine and not have to worry about it for a while. So good luck hope you enjoy the new purchase. I am planning on upgrading myself pretty soon. My old laptop is going on 5 years old and getting a bit slow. If I knew then what I do now I would have gotten a better computer at the time.

On 12/22/16, Nimer Jaber <> wrote:
I definitely understand. I spec out my machines as well. I'm not
criticizing you for your choice of a machine.

On Thu, Dec 22, 2016, 22:31 Matt <> wrote:

Yes ! that is what I will do when I get it tomorrow. Yes it was an
over kill. The quad core and 16 GB of ram . I did also get a SD drive in it.
could got off a little cheaper by say 500 bucks maybe by going down
to a dual core I5 processer and 8 GB of ram and scaling down to W10
home instead of Pro. I could have save d even more money by going
from 512 GB SD to aa
250 GB SD. But I don’t buy PC very often usually around every decade
as that is when I see the specs change enough to make a real
difference. Or the PC dies and it cost more to fix it then it is worth.

It is like my old dell laptop latitude it is around a decade old and
it is not worth me up grading as old as it is . It has XP on it so I
would have to buy W10 to put on it and it has only 2 GB of ram but
will take up to 4 GB of ram. It is a 32 bit system. It has an old
7200 rpm HD and it is I think only 80 GB of storage maybe 160 GB of

So more than likely I will donate it to the blind Services or to the
computers for the blind and let them worry about it.

So if this is what I was told then I in hope to have it around a decade.
This new laptop.

I will keep you all posted and tell you what I got when I get it.


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This thread has a lot of information, and reading it as a whole gives
me a headache, so let me digest it for everyone if I can.

Many laptops have dual core processors. Whether they are
hyper-threaded or not doesn't matter, they have two physical cores,
therefore being dual-core. Some higher-end laptops, however, have
quad-core processors.
the average user, and I would say for many above-average users, the
quad-core I7 HQ processors are over-kill, but that is beyond the
scope of this message... there are many laptops that have quad-cores,
but they are more expensive and high-end, and most users do not
request them because they are over-kill for all but the most
demanding of tasks. More important is the speed and amount of RAM,
and the speed of the read/write speeds of the hard drive... I would
take a lower-specked processor with more faster ram and a newer,
faster model SSD over a computer with a quad-core with less ram and a
spinning drive. In any case, If Matt ordered an I7 quad-core, he will
most likely receive an I7 quad-core, probably the 6700 HQ, as I am
not sure that the 7700 is out. If Matt does not receive the HQ
version, he can then say that Dell mislead him, but the fact is, we
don't know that from these messages. I7's are more difficult to find
because they are not as advertised because they are over-kill for
most users, and the battery life is not as good... but this does not
mean that they cannot be found, or that they cannot be ordered. So,
hopefully he receives the I7 HQ processor, and hopefully he is happy
with his purchase. if not, he can contact Dell and they can replace
it with the right model.


On Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 6:35 PM Matt <> wrote:

Well don’t know it looks like a dual core but why would they say it
is a quad core. Is a dual core with 4 threads or processers or
whatever the hell is the same as quad core? Just trying to understand
why they call it quad core? This is unlike dell to say something it
is not.


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Hi Matt,

The following link will give the specs of the Intel Core i7-7500U,
which is dual core and runs at 2.7GHz. If your CPU on the new
notebook is 3.5GHz, I don’t know what it is, unless they are
referring to the max CPU speed under Turbo Boost. Anyway, let us know
what the processor actually is when you receive it.


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So they call that a quad core eveven though it has two cores?
Wouldn’t that be a quad processer which would be about the same I
assume. I did ask if it had a quad core and they said yes so don’t
know why they would say quad core when it is dual core. I guess I
know for sure Friday. When I look at about this PC it should tell me


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OK Matt,

The Intel Core I series for laptops are essentially all dual core,
but have what they call 4 hyperthreads, and generally have turbo
boost to increase processing power when required, that is why they
usually describe the CPU speed as, for example, 2.7 -3.1GHz. If it
were a true quad core it would have 8 hyperthreads. I don’t know of
any laptop/notebook that incorporates a true quad core processor, so
I am guessing that your new Dell is dual core, but with 4


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Oh yes I always check on anything new to make sure it is what I
suppose to get. Now something come to mind . they are saying quad
core . I just wondering they really mean dual core with 4 processers.
Each core having two processers on each core. I guess in one way
that could be called a quad core . I would have called it quad
processers . I assume if it is it would be just as good or better?
Either way you usually don’t use but two processers unless you are
doing something intense and then the other processers kick in .
Don’t know if there would be a benefit to having 4 cores with 1
processer on each core or two cores with two processers on each core.
This is getting a little deep for me so don’t know. You want to
chime in on this Carlos?


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That is nice. Make sure to check the processor when you get it though.

On 12/23/2016 12:08 AM, Matt wrote:

Hi, all I know is I requested a quad core processer and they said
that would be what I would get a I 7 7th gen . It had to be
customize to that. I called them or did it over chat and then did the
order over the phone. So if it not what they said it is it will be
going back! Not paying that kind of money for a dual core processer.
They told me it would be a quad core processer.


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The two model options I saw are with the i5 7200u and i7 7500 u both
of which are dual core. And true, the 7500 u runs at 3.5 ghz. It is
surprising that many manufacturers are bundling ultra low voltage (U)
processors in 15 inch notebooks that can handle quad core processors.
Personally, I am going to hold onto this computer as long as I can
and get an HQ processor when I need a new one.

On 12/22/2016 11:18 PM, Matt wrote:

Hi, yes I got the touch screen and I got my custom made! With the I 7
7th gen processer it is not standard built! They do make it with the
Dual core processer. Which is standard built. My has the quad core
processer I 7
th gen up to 3.5 GHZ and 16 GB of ram and 512 GB SD and rose Gold in
color and touch screen. They make the 9360 in touch screen and
without the touch screen the one without max out with a duel core
processer. I also got the 2 year warranty with it. But it was custom
made to my specs.


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are you sure it has a quad core? From what I can see, it has an i7
7500 U processor, which is definitely a dual core processor.

my source is:

On 12/22/2016 7:21 PM, Matt wrote:

I have no idea I have not got it yet. It is a Dell XPS 9360 so you
might could call dell and ask them or see if they have aa picture of
it and get a seeing person to see if it does. I will use a external
keyboard most of the time not the built in one. I have never liked the laptop keyboards .
use them when I have no other choice. I really wanted a surface pro
4 but what kept me from that was the lack of ports it has on it.
Otherwise I would have got it.


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This sounds great and I am kicking around the idea of a new laptop. I
know that Carlos recently said the Dell computer is really good these
days. I do have one question. does the laptop have a context key on
the right of the space bar and a ctrl key on each side? My 13 inch
Toshiba has those keys and I find it so much faster to use.

*From:* Matt

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I 7 7th gen Quad core.


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Smiles, I’d agree with the optimistic statement. I’m curious which
chipset came in this machine?

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Sounds like a good package; how much dollars. 10 years for a laptop?
Seems a bit optimistic.

Good luck,


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Well I order a Dell XPS 9360 laptop. This is my Xmas to myself.

It has 13 inch screen and 16 gB of ram and Quad core processer up to
3.5 GHZ and 512 SD drive. This is the biggest part of the specs and I
hope t to get around a decade out of this if not more. I needed a
backup windows pct. to my desktop. It has better specs than my
desktop so I might end up making this my main PC. My desktop is a
Dell XPS with Quad core processer and 12 GB of ram and a 750 rpm HD
with a storage of 750 GB. And a dedicated graphic card with 2 GB of
on board memory. I have had this desktop for about 6 years or so.
Running great it has W10 on it now W10 pro .

BTW it supposed to be here this week or the first of next week.


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