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For those who want to learn Twitter, a good place to start is with a
blind-friendly web-based Twitter client called Easychirp. They have
some instructional articles there.

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I have not much done work to the site and I only worked on it for a
week. I plan on getting back to it here soon, and if we have anyone
here who would like to participate by showing off a skill on the
youtube page, or writing a blog email me off list.Lets have some fun
with this and help someone out.
BTW, I normally do not post during the day but good god charters
website has changed and the emails now work via webmail! Before, it
was impossible to access your email to read, write etc. It still sucks
by the way as you must use the mouse curser a lot but it's much better
before. One can even pay their bill online, which I like to do. I'm

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Good idea, Rajmund. My cousin
is a published author, and
with her signature is her web
site, goodreads and her blog,
Under the Tikki Hut. That
should work for you too,

Bye for now,


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Hello Kimsan,
Why not put your blog into
your signature? That way, it
can be advertised on all
lists, and people shouldn't
tell you off, but will still
be seen.

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