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That's an unfounded generalization based on one experience.  Someone could say, employing the same logical error, I bought a Dell desktop in 2006 and it has worked flawlessly.  I'll never build or have a machine built.  The point is that whatever the merits or disadvantages  of custom-built machines versus manufactured machines, the conclusion is without foundation.
Also, manufacturer refurbished machines are new or almost new machines that have been returned.  Often, there is nothing wrong with them.  They are tested and anything that needs to be done is done to bring them up to specifications.  Because of this testing and work, if necessary, they may be more likely to be free of defects than new machines.

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Captain Rob, I built my own desktop computers back in 2006; they're still
running with no issues.  I will never ever buy any manufacturer's desktop

As for laptops, I'd only purchase refurbished ones after a thorough
examination by me at the point of purchase!

Denver, Colorado

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