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Christopher Hallsworth <challsworth2@...>

Actually, the app isn't the only way to set up the Amazon Echo series of products. The website
can also be used.

On 26 Dec 2016, at 17:56, Patrick Ford <> wrote:

Using the alexa app is the only way to set-up the echo ...the app walks you
through it step by step .. you will need the key, or password, to set up the
wireless ...

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Hey everyone,
I am trying to help my friend set up his new Amazon echo that he got
yesterday and I have no idea how to help him. So my question to you is if he
downloads the Alexa app can you set up the echo that way?

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On Dec 26, 2016, at 12:39, Matt <> wrote:

It is the same as the normal echo it will setup the same way. Not hard at
all . Just take a little time.


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Subject: [TechTalk] setting up Amazon Echo Dot question

We have the Amazon Echo downstairs and love it so much so that I wanted
something like it for upstairs, so I ordered the Echo Dot for us up there.
Keeping in mind that we already have the Echo installed and are using it,
how difficult should it be to get the Dot going? I'm thinking I can just go
into the Alexa app on my iPhone and set it up that way, but not sure if it's
more difficult? Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. It should be
here on the 28th.
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