Re: Getting an app back after accidentally deleting it.

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settings, bluetooth, and it should offer to restore the watch app in that menu.
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On 27/12/2016 5:00 AM, Barb O'Connor wrote:
My son-in-law accidentally deleted the Watch App from his iPhone. Of course, he got a watch for Christmas and, when he went to set up the watch, he couldn't find the app on his phone. He thought he had just moved the app to his extras or utilities folders but could not find it. He then went to the App Store and looked under Purchased and it wasn't there either. Apparently it is in the cloud and that's the only way he can access it.

He wanted to disconnect for the night to save on the battery of the phone by turning BlueTooth off but he is still connected.

Hopefully I have explained this correctly. Maybe he doesn't even have to disconnect. I would appreciate it if someone would explain how he can get the app back for the phone and what he needs to do to disconnect at night if that is necessary. My daughter was able to turn her BlueTooth off so the watch is disconnected and charging.

Thanks, in advance for your answer.


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