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he will also need to get a converter box sense the older tvs are analog only

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Hi Mike,


Think you mean CRT (cathode Ray Tube)?


There are no such things as ‘digital’ antennas, only UHF antennas that receive digital signals. The type of antenna you would need very much depends on the location and what the signal strength is in that location. If the signal strength is marginal then get a high gain antenna or better still a powered antenna. If the signal strength is fairly strong, then a standard UHF antenna would be perfectly OK. I am assuming you are talking about a full sized roof mounted antenna rather than a portable antenna. Perhaps you could ask the person and see what their existing reception is like?




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Hi All,


I've never shopped for a digital antenna, & need some help in selecting 1 for a young lady.  This young ladies family does not have cable, & we gave her a Samsung TV, but would like to provide a digital antenna to go with it, so she can actually make use of it.  It's not a flat screen, but 1 of the older style bigger TV's, y'all know, the ones that are shaped like large boxes.  It's too dam early & I can't recall what they're called!  Anyways can anyone offer any advice on what kind of digital antenna to buy?  All advice will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks much.

P.S, The very happiest of New Years to all.

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