Windows 7 virtual machine asking for a log in password, any ways of resetting it without sighted help?

Rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

I have a few others working as well, and they're working successfully, so I know that the issue is not with my configuration. I downloaded windows 7 with IE11, and have successfully imported it to VMWARE from:

I heard the windows 7 start up chime, and was even able to start narrator no problem. Anna came up. We got to the log in screen, and all I could see was shut down options, shut down, OK button, and password, IE, user. Tried leaving it blank, that failed. Tried user, also failed. Tried admin, another fail. Administrator, same as the above. Rajmund, in case it picked up my computer's name, no joy. Windows, no joy. So, presumably, I need to reset the password. I can't go through the command prompt, since, at this stage, I can't get to it. I don't have, and can't make a reset disk, simply because all laptops are on windows 10 in the household, except mine, which is 8.1, so that's out as well. So the only option was to dig more. I found this article here:
Which would work, except that once the VM starts, I have no speech in this mode, and once I send keys to the VM, my main NVDA of windows 8 doesn't read, either. Hence the question. Considering it's a VM, how could I reset the password, that I, for one, didn't set up in the first place?
Thanks for any help.
PS. I also looked, and found out that windows 7 has no default password, so no hope there, either.

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