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Troy Burnham

Hi All,
Okay I installed jaws 15 yesterday since I'm using windows 7 and I was able to navigate the site a little better including getting the mlb network radio station to play and later I managed to change to a sports schedule channel that looked like it may've been on 815, but it's still hit or miss sometimes whether or not I can find the place to type the station numbers into.  Is there an easy way to do that?  I've tried it both with the virtual cursor on and off, and I think I have better luck with it off but it's still not easy.
Also, is there a way to lower the volume?  And should I have had to choose a channel package when I signed up for this or would it just give me access to what I already receive through my receiver since I already had an account for that?  I don't think I chose a package and so I'm wondering if that may be part of my problem.

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From: Carlos
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Hi Don,
Try using this link to log in
and you should receive the more accessible classic player.
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Subject: [TechTalk] Sirius xm dot com and screen readers

Is anyone on list reliably and successfully navigating  Prior to updating this HP desktop to Windows 10, I could do so when running 8.1 and Window-eyes 9.2 although it was rather hit and miss.  Now I cannot do so at all regardless of what screen reader I use and regardless of whether I use I E 11 or a recent version of Firefox.
Apparently there has been a new player because I see a reference to a classic player, but I absolutely cannot click on that link.  Nor can I do much of anything else on that site.  Does anyone have any advice to circumvent these problems?
Thanks in advance.
Don Roberts

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