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Linkedin is pretty accessible. I haven't had any major problems with it.

It's a social media website for professionals who want to network, get
new clients, grow their businesses and get better jobs. There are all
kinds of things that are posted there, but that is the purpose of it.

VictorOn 9/25/15, Carolyn Arnold <> wrote:

That's what I wanted to know,
Norman, what do you do with
it. My husband says that
especially professional people
just want to see how many
friends they can get on the
thing. I just decided to tell
the thing bye bye and routed
to junk blocked messages.

Bye for now,


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From: Norman
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2015 7:56 AM
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in was My blog

I had an account there at one
time but could someone explain
to me what you do with it?

On 9/24/2015 10:51 PM, Kimsan
I'm just curious, how
accessible is Linked in?
I haven't used it in years.
I remember that everything but
one part was
inaccessible lol sorry I
don't remember which it was
but is it accessible?

Kimsan Song

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23, 2015 11:44 PM
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Hi Michael,

Thanks for asking - I am on
Twitter, Facebook & Linked in.
I haven't got to
checking out Periscope yet
and haven't actually heard of
the other two (I'll
go look now).

I did have all my contact
details in my signature and I
was aware it got
shuffled down the bottom
when replying on lists like
this. So you've
prompted me to try something
new - I've set it so the
signature goes
directly below whatever I
say (and above what I'm
replying to), but I've cut
it down so it's not too
long. Hopefully that will
entice people to visit me
without being too annoying
to everyone.

Happy to take feedback from
anyone on what you think of
the change - would
you rather see links to
people's social media profiles
directly there for
convenience, or just one
short link (which yes, does
link to all my social



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