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try this. with narrator on, windows-r. this will bring the run dialog. make sure you know what drive the installer is on. if c, for example,try typing c:. and enter. now, navigate to the file with narrator, and press enter on it. as for the classic shell. I used XP in a VM. I was able to use it fine, before installing classic shell, have a go on it with window eyes, once it's installed.

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On 05/01/17 3:44 AM, Keith S wrote:
Need a bit of help folks

My wife, without asking around or calling any blind assocations,
purchased a used laptop from her coworker with windows 8 on it as the
OS. He had purchased the computer for his father who had passed away
(probably from using windows 8) and he had reset the computer to the
factory defaults.

To make things "easier" for me, he had set up two accounts which are on
the lock screen when I first turn the computer on. One is Kevin (which I
think is the administrator account) and Tracy (the one for my wife).

both have the same password, and I can access both accounts. I have read
the windows 8 for seniors for dummies book from the bard site from the
library of congress here in the USA.

When I enter the admin account and plug a thumb drive into the computer
there is a notification and narrator (the only screen reader I can
access due to the following issue) :

The notification tells me:

to change the way auto.ini files are dealt with, please click here (or
something like that).

Ummm, I'm blind and narrator doesn't really help

The book I read said that holding dow the windows key plus the z key
would open up a task or tool bar that would allow me to open the drive
and click on the setup file.

that keycombo does nothing though

Besides throwing the computer into the garbage, or worse, throwing it at
my wife or hurling it through a windo at microsoft's HQ, what can I do
to install the classic shell program and the window eyes screen reader.

I heard there is a learning curve to using windows 8 compared from
windows xp, but this is more of a learning roller coaster.



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