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Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

I'm not a programmer ... My bad, I ought to have been, but I goofed much
too much and lost that opportunity.

Next, I'm NOT a wordsmith, although I have always resolved to slice and dice
this English language in as a clear a tone as I can get it. After all, it's
one of many languages I speak and write well!

Notwithstanding, when I dabbled into programming, again, shame on me, never
went beyond BASIC, yikes! The word "deprecated" was always used to refer to
programs NO LONGER in vogue. May be I am TOO AMERICAN, trying to BULLDOZE
my way into the English lexicon of another nation with full rights and
responsibilities as she may so demand; nevertheless, I've been known to
CRANK English on both sides of the aisle, American and British!

Conclusion: No need to quibble over semantics; as a reader of any thought I
may express, derive, if so desired, the meaning that floats your boat. For
me, both words work just fine and I'll now go drink a toast in celebration!

Denver, Colorado

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