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Those not interest in this discussion may want to skip or skim this message.  It is rather long. 
Words mean something.  Accurate expression is important. Deprecation, as used here does not mean the same as depreciation.  I gave a link to a good definition yesterday.  Depreciation means the following:
decrease in value due to wear and tear, decay, decline in price, etc.
such a decrease as allowed in computing the value of property for tax purposes.
a decrease in the purchasing or exchange value of money.
a lowering in estimation.

As you see, the only nonbusiness sense of the word is definition 4.  While it can have a somewhat similar meaning, the overlap in meaning is narrow, considering what deprecated means in totality.  Any properly constructed web site will tell you that a browser or something you are running is deprecated.  Depreciation is not used in such contexts, despite a certain overlap in meaning.  It is incorrect useage.
Also, deprecated is not as general as a program that is out of vogue.  If it were, it could refer to any program that has lost popularity for any reason. 
If that's what it meant, any program that isn't used much could be termed deprecated.  The word does not mean that.  Here is the full discussion of the meaning in a computer-related sense.
Deprecated means, generally, that  something is acknowledged but discouraged.
In IT, deprecation means that although something is available or allowed, it is not recommended or that, in the case where something must be used, to say it is deprecated means that its failings are recognized. The term may be used with almost any element of IT, including software, hardware, methods, models and practices. 
In computer programming, a deprecated language entity is one that is tolerated or supported but not recommended. For example, a number of elements and attributes are deprecated in HTML 4.0 , meaning that other means of accomplishing the task are preferred. Many deprecated features became obsolete in HTML5, although browsers that support the features may continue to support them. In the Java programming language, a particular method may be deprecated for a given class of objects.
Even general approaches to something can be deprecated. Security through obscurity, for example, is an approach that relies on keeping coding and its potential vulnerabilities hidden, so that flaws are less likely to be detected and exploited. That model, and others such as security through minority and security through obsolescence, are deprecated in favor of security by design, which involves creating systems that are as secure as possible in the first place. 
This was last updated in July 2015
Most of your message is self-deprecating sarcasm which has nothing to do with the point under discussion.  It is a sly way of attacking others by saying, I may not know what you think I should know, but I know what I know.  And that is completely irrelevant to the point under discussion. 

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I'm not a programmer ...  My bad, I ought to have been, but I goofed much
too much and lost that opportunity.

Next, I'm NOT a wordsmith, although I have always resolved to slice and dice
this English language in as a clear a tone as I can get it.  After all, it's
one of many languages I speak and write well! 

Notwithstanding, when I dabbled into programming, again, shame on me, never
went beyond BASIC, yikes!  The word "deprecated" was always used to refer to
programs NO LONGER in vogue.  May be I am TOO AMERICAN, trying to BULLDOZE
my way into the English lexicon of another nation with full rights and
responsibilities as she may so demand; nevertheless, I've been known to
CRANK English on both sides of the aisle, American and British! 

Conclusion:  No need to quibble over semantics; as a reader of any thought I
may express, derive, if so desired, the meaning that floats your boat.  For
me, both words work just fine and I'll now go drink a toast in celebration!

Denver, Colorado  


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