Re: Is Revo no longer accessible with NVDA?

John Gregory <stratplayer@...>

Hi Nikola,


I am using Revo 3.1.8 which is the latest version of the software and don’t have any problems using it with JAWS. I can tab to the ‘search box’, ‘listed programs’ and ‘search type’ combo. I then use JAWS OCR to read the screen and click on the option I want, i.e. ‘uninstall’ etc.


Not used it with NVDA, perhaps someone else on the list could provide information as to the accessibility of Revo using NVDA or other screen readers.





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Sent: 06 January 2017 10:16
Subject: [TechTalk] Is Revo no longer accessible with NVDA?


Hello all, got some programs which i would like to uninstall, however their uninstallers aren't really accessible, so thought i'd use Revo. To my surprise, in the latest version NVDA only sees an edit box, which apparently is for searching, and you can't tab around the program. Object navigation and screen review also don't bring me anywhere. So a question, how do people use the program? Or if it's no longer usable, does someone have the old version which works? Thanks in advance.


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