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Rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

that is true, but if it was a standard dialog, it would have read it. narrator in 8.1 is really limited.

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On 07/01/17 1:32 PM, Gene wrote:
You don't know that it would have read the error. The error may be


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tried installing NVDA and use it till you sort out the other issues?
it, in this instance, would have read the error, if nothing else.
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On 07/01/17 10:48 AM, Keith S wrote:
I've tried that and narrator says nothing

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Hi Carlos, the UAC was my first thought, but that defaults to ‘No’,
so as you say, it is not UAC. Cannot think of what it could be at
the moment other than an error dialog box.

Keith, when the ‘OK’ button comes up, have you tried Alt + Tab out
of the dialog and then Alt + Tab back into it so that Narrator reads
the entire box? Doing this may or may not give some idea as to the
nature of the dialog box.


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Never mind. Now that I think about it, which is not often since I
don't have UAC enabled myself, there should be no


button in the UAC prompt.

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That is most likely the User Account Control AKA UAC prompt
asking if you want to allow the installation to proceed. Try
running setup again and when you hear the sound, press Alt+Y to
select the


button. For the record, although there are certainly
differences between Windows 7, 8, and 10, they also have many
basic things in common. Most of the issues you have experienced
so far are due to lack of experience. All of the questions you
have asked so far would for the most part have received the
same replies if you were running 7 or 10.

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I took several of the suggestions offered to me regarding
installing programs and was able to install classic shell to
my new windows 8 machine.

I then placed the contents of my window eyes 8.4 cd onto a
thumb drive and used the windows key plus R combo and opened
the thumb drive and found the setup.exe file and hit enter
on it.

Nothing happened, but then there was some sort of sound and
a new window appeared with an okay button, but nothing
else. Nothing was read under the narrator TTS.

I am logged into the admin account, so I'm not sure what is
going on or what else I should be doing.

Kind of wish I could have gotten my hands on a windows7 or
windows 10 machine, but my wife got the computer for me.

Didn't do her research I'm guessing.

Thanks for any help.


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