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Also, instead of using one of the pre-programmed buttons such as stew, etc., you can press "Manual", and then press plus and minus to enter the number of minutes you want.

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If you are using the buttons on the front of the device.

Push the button for the pre set function you wish to use. i.e. soup.
Now after you do this and hear the beep then push the plus or minus button
to you get to the time you wish to have this function operate.

Note; if you push minus repeatedly you will hear a beep for each minute
change of time and after a while you will hear a double beat meaning the
minus menu has wrapped aroung and now you are at the highest choice of
minutes for the function.

At this point push the pluse button and you hear one beep and this is one
minute now keep pushing the pluse button and count the number of pushes to
you get to the number of minutes you wish.

Note; at this point just wait a minute or so and you will hear beep and the
selected function will automatically start and run to finished.

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Ok, this is kind of confusing.
I have found that I can't set the cooking timer in the Instant Pot Android
Looking at the PDF manual is kind of confusing. It says the timer button is
for delayed cooking. So how do you set the actual cooking time on the thing?

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