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Saying that, I agree. When I was downloading a few large things, like a VM disk, when I pressed the OK button, more got downloaded in that 1 minute, than it was reporting for speed per seconds. It basically starts downloading as it mrompts you with the options.

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Again, you misunderstood me. When the dialogue pops up, firefox begins
saving the file even when it presents you with the options. I ccan see
this since my pc's fans begin running fast and it begins lagging. Also,
when I click the ok button, the file download starts at a high
percentage then climbs gradually upward at a normal pace. Also, I am
sure if I opened task manager, I would see download network usage. I
hope I could explain myself better in this message. It is this behavior
that I want to stop. I don't want file saving to begin in the background
until I expressly authorize it.

On 1/9/2017 1:41 PM, Gene wrote:
What, exactly, are you describing. Are you saying that firefox begins
downloading a file when you see a dialog that asks you what do you
want to do with this file and gives you options such as download or
save? Exactly what is the dialog and just when does the download
begin? If you have a file type set to be opened, it will be
downloaded as soon as you activate the ok button and you won't be
asked where you want it to be downloaded. That's because in such a
case, Firefox is going to download the entire file, then open it in a
program. But you can change the choice to save as soon as the dialog
comes up and before you activate the ok button. I can't be sure what
you are describing. The next time you download a file, before you
activate the ok button when the first dialog comes up, tab around
everything and see what radio button, open or save is the one that you
hear. You have to stop on whatever radio button you hear and then up
or down arrow to the one you want. I can't be sure, but I think
you'll find that open is the button that you see instead of save and
this should be changed. Then there is a check box as you tab asking
if you want this to be the action that is taken in future with this
file type. That isn't the wording but that's the meaning. Check it
and then activate the ok button.
And even if a download begins because open is the mistaken choice, you
can stop the download as I described. The same thing as I described
will be available when you use control j and you can make sure at any
time, whether a download is in progress because, as I said, if open is
the choice, the file is downloaded before it is opened

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