Re: bc line question

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

BCC equals Blind Carbon Copy. As such, when all others listed therein
receive your message, it is generally tagged as "UNDISCLOSED RECIPIENT".
The BCC line is used if you wish to send to multiple recipients without
letting the original recipient know what you are doing.

Therefore, if you type an adress in the BCC line for purposes of retrieving
an E-mail address from your contact list, you should, if you don't want mail
sent as BCC, go back and delete whatever name you typed in that line.

Some mailing lists discourage the use of the BCC line in part because it
screws up a thing or two. If I get mail that says "UNDISCLOSED RECIPIENT"
just because my address was typed in the BCC line, I typically delete such
E-mail and never botehr reading it.

Oh well, hopefully I shared info that makes some sense; I'll let others dig
in and straighten me out if I have goofed beyond repairs!

Denver, Colorado

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