Classic Start Menu in Windows 10 Prevents Standard JAWS Start Menu Access

Steve Matzura

I thought I'd give the Windows 10 Classic Shell a try. It works pretty
well, except there's one thing I cannot make it do which I would like
to bring back. In Windows 7, when you invoke the Start menu and
up-arrow once to "All program," then right-arrow to open its tree
view, then down-arrow past the search box, you can press J to get to
the JAWS version(s) you have installed, then pick one and right-arrow
to it to find things like "Explore JAWS" and other things. With the
Classic Shell, when I right-arrow on the chosen version of JAWS, I get
an item which, when activated, will start that version of JAWS,
followed by a menu item calling itself "Tools". Does anyone have a
clue as to why the Classic Shell doesn't display the aforementioned
missing options, and how to bring them back? Or better yet, if I
remove the Classic Shell, how to find these things in the standard
Windows 10 Start menu?

Thanks in advance.

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