Re: Does this folder belong here?


The Documents and Settings folder is a legacy virtual folder/junction which points to the Users folder so yes it belongs there.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Does this folder belong here?

I'm running Windows 7, so perhaps someone else who's using it can answer
this: should there be a Documents and Settings folder on my C-disk? I
*think* that I may have copied this folder from my old computer when I got
this one, but the weird thing is that as I make changes, the various files
in the folder are being updated and this is in addition to updates being
made in the Windows 7 folders where updates should be made. The folder
contains what appear to be duplicates of the contents of the Users folder,
but if I remove it, I'm afraid that the result will be that what's in Users
will be deleted and I definitely don't want that to happen. Any suggestions
or advice?

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