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Hi Zachary and thanks for the reply.

Wonder if you need that tablet to use the dot or can it be stand alone? Does it respond to voice commands and does it access Siri or someone like her? Is there a text manual I can download from, maybe, amazon? Maybe someone has done a tutorial, huh? If possible, I would use it like I do the stream; connected to the stereo or computer speakers to enhance the sound? Appreciate your thoughts.

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Hello Howard,
I own an Amazon Echo Dot and I also own an Amazon Fire HD 7 tablet. The Dot is pretty nice, it's easy to connect to Wifi. I used my tablet to connect it, (though you can download the app from the Google Play Store or Appstore as well). It did take me a few attempts to set up the Dot, but in the end, I was very successful. I love the Dot so much! It's a very cheap device, costing at around $50, U.S. It can play Pandora, Spotify, Tune In, audiobooks, and so much more. I haven't used all of the features, but from what I used of it, I was pretty impressed. You can also enable different skills for your Amazon Echo Dot, there are thousands of them, I only have about fifteen or twenty of them enabled. They have different games, they have some quote stuff, news, just about anything you can imagine. Only part I don't like about the Dot, I can't play YouTube videos on it, I really hope that Amazon implements that some day in a newer skill or release. I just think it would be extremely neat to just voice command it and tell it to play a certain video by a certain artist on YouTube. I also cannot have it read my emails, which kind of sucks, but it doesn't turn me off from it. Although, to be quite honest, I haven't used it in almost a month, but I got it for Christmas. Sorry this email was long, but I thought I ought to give you everything I know about it.
Zachary Morris

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Is anyone using one of those amazon devices: the Echo, Tap, or Dot? I understand that they are named those three. My friend has the Tap but says it will not connect to an emplifier for better sound. I'd like to hear about anyone's experience and recommendations. I have the VR Stream but my friend says the amazon device is even more fun. I'd sure like to know more.

Thanks, anybody.

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