Re: help with image for windows please


I'm not sure why the drive isn't being listed, but for now you could always just save the image to the internal drive and then copy it to the external one afterwards.

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I tried to back-up my pc yesterday with image for windows, I am using
windows 10 pro, 64 bit pc. Ok I wanted to add to a new back-up. Open up up
ifw, select back-up pc, next select the drive I wanted to back-up i.e. drive
c, next tried to select the drive to backup to. This is where I got stuck. I
wasn't able to select a usb drive, only the internal spare 500 gb hard
drive. This is the drive I had previously used when creating an ifw back-up.
I wanted to change it. I wasn't able to find it on the list. Any ideas



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