Re: help using some usb hard drive


Again I'm not sure of the cause,, but if these drives are not connecting then it would explain why you're not seeing them as options in Image for Windows.

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I seem to be experiencing some troubles when trying to use some usb hard
drives on my windows 10 pro pc. I recently purchased two toshiba usb drives.
On the rear of my pc I have 6 usb ports, in two I keep two short usb
extension cables which I have near the rear of my keyboard to make it easier
for me to find and get to the usb ports for connecting usb hard drives. I
have noticed recently some of my usb hard drives are not working when I plug
them in to either of these cables but other drives or usb thumb drives do.
The two new ones I got only work when I plug them in to the two usb ports on
the front of my pc. I am not sure what is causing this problem. Is there a
limit to how many usb power hubs you can connect at once? Any ideas what is
causing this issue please?s



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