why N Reboot doesn't like me and other tech matters


Dear List,
My boyfriend and I have Chromebooks. We hate flash. With a passion.
The thing is that N Reboot which is a site that streams 90s classic stuff like Doubledare and all that doesn't work properly with our Chromebooks, and we wonder if we're the only ones having issues.
It doesn't play through all the shows, commercial breaks, etc. Poor boyfriend is trying to contact the folks at N Reboot. They seem hard to get a hold of, and the chat isn't that great.
Does anyone know of other things that stream 90s TV live? YouTube and Daily Motion are fine for recorded videos, I'm talking streamed stuff. Anyone else know what's up?
Also, going to work with a buddy on getting a desktop Windows 10 creator's update so I can install the thing myself come April etc. Does anyone know of a cheap way to get the desktop built so my friend can rest easy? Thank you all in advance.
Also, what do yall think of the creator's update preview? You can talk about it from an accessibility standpoint.

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