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Any ideas on how to find ones Iplayer in a storage unit? Smile.

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On Sep 26, 2015, at 7:25 PM, Jim Wohlgamuth <wohlggie@...> wrote:

Hi there!
Not certain of what internet program she is using, but I am using FireFox and I simply find the book that I wish to download press the tab key a couple times, the speech says download book title and I press enter and the book is downloaded to the default directory as a zip file.  I then copy the zip file to a pin-drive and then unzip it into a directory and place the drive into my NLS book player and it starts playing.  Hope this helps.  GOOD LUCK! de
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On 26-Sep-15 18:52, TerriLynne Pomeroy wrote:

There is more than one way to do this, but this is how I do it:


1.            Go to the download link.

2. Shift tab once.

3. Tab once. This helps to ensure that your cursor is on the correct link.

4. Hit the applications key.

5. Hit A for save target as.

6. It will come up as a "save as".

7. Type in the path to the location in which you want the book saved and hit alt+s for save.



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Greetings all okay my better half is trying to download books from bard but wshen she clicks on a download she can't seem to find the save button any short cuts?

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