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So restricting is almost like blocking, then?



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Putting a friend on Restricted Status is "suppose" to keep the person/people from seeing post that are made to Facebook that they are Not tagged in & public post only. But...There is a way around those Facebook friends that are Restricted or Blocked. I'm going to use the names Donna, Joe & Bob to explain how those people are still able to see everything that you write. 


Lets say Donna is friends with both Joe & Bob on Facebook. Joe starts trouble with Donna, so Donna decides to Restrict or Block Joe. What I'm about to explain will work for both Restricted or Blocked Friends on Facebook. Now that Joe has been Restricted or Blocked by Donna, Joe's curiosity is getting the best of him. Joe wants to see if Donna is talking bad about him. Joe is Friends with Bob & remember Donna is also Friends with Bob. Joe goes to Bob's profile page, brings up Bob's friends list, then find & clicks on Donna's name. Wala! Joe can now view every post that you have made. I'm sure people are going to disagree with me on this. I'm currently using Facebook's back door approach to spy on my 21 year old son's Dad. His Dad blocked me on Facebook because we got into a heated dispute over a post that he made about our son on his Facebook page.  I'm friends on Facebook with my son & my son is friends with his Dad on Facebook. So I spy by going to my son's profile page. 


Like the saying goes, Nothing is Private or Safe on the internet. 




Intresting and good question

I always chose friend and family if they are family but never click or enter on restricted


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Subject: [TechTalk] facebook question : restricted friends


When I use the site to use facebook, and click on a friend's page, and then click on the See Friend Lists link on said friend's page, I get a page with various radio buttons to choose from, such as the following

close friends

good friends




If I click on the restricted radio button to highlight it and then click the done button, how will that friend be able to see my posts?

Will the restricted radio box in the lists prevent this friend from seeing all my posts except when I make a post public, as opposed to posting to friends?

I never understood how that restricted radio button worked.

Thanks for any clarification.



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