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From the BARD Express User Guide:
3.2: Copying Materials to a Cartridge (or other storage device)

The Copy to Cartridge button is available in the Bookshelf view when one or more items are checked, in Advanced Mode, or one item is selected in Standard

When the Copy to Cartridge button is selected, the computer is scanned for attached removable drives. Each drive is also scanned to see if it contains
BARD items. A dialog box is presented, listing the attached drives. For each removable drive detected on your computer, information is displayed on how
much space is available, and how many books already exist on the drive.

If "Cartridge Copy Mode" is set to "Limit one book on a cartridge or USB device," the "Delete existing books from drive before copy" checkbox will be
checked and disabled. But if you allow multiple books on a drive, it will be enabled. If checked, before the copy starts, you will be presented with
a list of books that already exist on the drive. You can uncheck any books that you wish to remain on the drive, and all others will be deleted.

Selecting a drive and choosing OK begins the copy operation. A dialog box displays the progress of the copy operation and gives an approximate time to
completion. When the copy is complete, a message box will display how many items were copied, and give the option of ejecting the device. You must either
allow the program to eject the drive, or use Windows to eject the drive, before physically removing it; otherwise the files could be damaged and unusable.

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Hello, List,

After putting books onto the book shelf of Bard Express, how do I download them to a cartridge?

Joe Giovanelli

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