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Did you talk with the owner, or a sales clerk.
I am sorry to hear that they have apparently stopped caring.

73 N2DYN Angelo

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To be perfectly blunt, ILA doesn't give a rat's ass about offering an
audible or otherwise accessible battery tester. I actually spoke to them
about this a few years ago and was told that there was no longer such a
device on the market, and it would be too expensive for them to manufacture
one of their own design. At one time, ILA did, in fact, sell proprietary
products that they designed and manufactured exclusively themselves. I
still have a working talking clock radio that they sold exclusively about
ten years ago, but they stopped selling it because they found it cheaper to
offer a mainstream clock radio that happened to have a built-in talking


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I suggest you talk with the owner of ILA and ask him to make one.
When he started the business in the 80s he made some devices, and I think
they care enough to find a solution for you.
Give it a try.

73 N2DYN Angelo

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Hi all,

<smiling> Hear the voice of logic. Yay!

Ann P.

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Gerald Levy <bwaylimited@...> wrote:
So for those
of us who wear hearing aids, there is presently no way to test 1.5
volt hearing aid batteries except with a non-audible digital battery
tester, which, of course, requires sighted help.
Sure there is. Try the battery in the hearing aid and find out.

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